Advanti Racing: DST x Grid GT86

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By MarkPeters

Strength and lightweight

Our Grid Motorsport Toyota GT86 will be competing with Advanti Racing in all weather conditions.

The Grid GT86’s core value DST (Dynamic Spin Tech) is completely aligned to Advanti Racing’s new proprietary technology. It stands for lightweight, reliability, and precision. DST racing wheels use flow forming technology to apply pressure to the inner wheel after it has been cast. DST forms the material by stretching and forging it, giving it a greater tensile strength than forged wheels. This results in a higher strength, reduced unsprung weight, and greater shock resistance than conventional cast wheels. These attributes translate into improved vehicle performance.

DST-treated racing wheels can reduce the weight by 3.5kg on standard 18”x8J wheels. This gives you the ability to get better corner performance and response from your race car by multiplying this number by 4.

The advantages of Flow Formed Wheels Advanti Racing

  • Reduces unsprung weight
  • At a fraction of cost, light weight comparable to forged wheels
  • Heat dissipation is quicker and less stressful for the tire and brake components.

This wheel has a higher tensile strength than conventional gravity-cast wheels, which results in greater resistance to impacts.

The advantages of lightweight, strength, and reliability are crucial in today’s highly competitive motorsport environment. We will be challenging for the Pan Delta Circuit Hero series overall championship title. In preparation for September’s championship, we hope to get the most points in the June race. Keep watching for racing action.

Before we begin this Advanti wheels review, it is important to mention that Advanti Racing was established in the middle of the 90’s. Advanti makes one-piece alloy wheels for cars as well as crossover SUVs. They are available in sizes from 17 inches to 22 inches. Advanti Wheels are known for their timeless design and precision. Each Advanti wheel is made with the highest quality materials. Advanti wheels are made for racing enthusiasts. This is because Advanti Racing participated in F1 racing.


We must mention the design aspect of custom wheels in this review. Because looks are very important. Because of their attractive appearance, Advanti wheels are rated highly in terms of design. There are many options for Advanti Racing wheels, including Silver, Gunmetal, Black Painted Machined With Gold Accent, Gunmetal, and many more. Advanti wheels are rated as good quality because of their meticulous craftsmanship. This is why Advanti wheels are so appealing to car buyers who value good craftsmanship.