Grand jury subpoena issued to Friend of “Sean Sellers”

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By MarkPeters

OKLAHOMA CITY, (AP) — Three-time murderer Sean Sellers’ friends are being investigated for possible violations of a law that prohibits a defendant from making a profit from a crime.

Drew Edmondson’s spokesperson refused to confirm the multicounty grand jury investigation. This is a secret law. According to The Daily Oklahoman, a friend of sean sellers received a grand jury subpoena.

Kimberly Frazier, Sand Springs resident, will testify before the multicounty grand jury July 17th in Oklahoma City.

Sean Sellers Frazier declined to comment on Thursday

The subpoena, which was based on an official investigation by Frazier’s attorney general’s office, demanded that Frazier “perform and produce any and all records… relating Sean Sellers” and records and information about the publication “Shuladore.”

According to Norman attorney Steve Presson who represented Sellers, “Shuladore” refers to a collection of love stories and poems that Sellers, a former Satan worshipper wrote after converting from Christianity in prison.

On a site called “Friends of Sean Sellers,” you can order copies of “Shuladore.” The book is available for $10.95 plus shipping.

Presson stated that the publisher of “Shuladore” was paid by friends of sellers for $1,500. He said that the group only made $100 by selling the book.

Presson stated that he was furious at Frazier’s subpoena.

Presson stated, “It’s an awful waste of time to be investigating the friendship between Sean Sellers and a Christian lady… to harass her for her friendship.”

Sellers was sentenced to death in Oklahoma City in February 1999 after he was convicted of three murders in Oklahoma City. These included the 1985 deaths of Robert Bower, a convenience store clerk, and Vonda Bellofatto and her stepfather, Paul Lee Bellofatto in 1986.

Sellers’ case attracted international attention due to the fact that he was just 16 when the murders occurred.

State law states that a defendant can’t “receive el paso craigslist any proceeds of any source” as a direct result of his crime, sentence, or the notoriety he generates.

According to law, any profits or proceeds must be deposited at the district court in a fund that benefits victims.

Violations of the statute are a felony and can result in a $10,000 fine or up to 10 years imprisonment.