DME Racing: is on Track for a Successful 2019 Season

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By MarkPeters

DME Racing started the 2019 season with overtime and has not slowed down. Dimey Eddinger had no idea of the demand for his exhaust and header systems in 2017, when he began advertising them. However, orders started rolling in throughout 2018, and he was unable to stop. Eddinger stated that he had stopped advertising his headers at one point to avoid missing orders. We don’t want to make customers wait for their products. I am a racer and bike builder so I understand the importance of parts getting in fast to complete builds.

Jason Dunigan, a Pro Street rider, told Eddinger that he would like a turbo sidemount system for his bike at the end of 2018. Dungan will not be stopped by anyone if he wants it. After the Man Cup World Finals, Andy Sawyer and Eddinger began work on the DME Racing SideMount. By the end of 2018, the prototype was ready for testing. The team went to Orlando for testing and had their new header and Owen GBT69 Turbo installed by February.

They also showed Chris Connelly’s GSXR1000 Pro Street bike, which they had quietly built during the 2018 racing season. Jeremy Teasley jumped on the GSXR1000 to test her skills, while the Gold bike was parked in the corner. “I have ridden many bikes and I am confident in my ability to handle any situation. But this one, I thought it was going to throw us off the track the first time,” stated Jeremy Teasley, team rider. Teasley was able to quickly control the beast, and soon produced numbers that would make Frankie Stotz weep.

Chris Connelly Jr. intends to keep his current bike in 2019 because of his strong bond with ‘Turbo and his continued improvement in every race. His testing showed him his fastest times and his consistent riding, which will be his proven strategy in 2019.

The team was nervous and excited to test Dunigan’s SideMount. Andy Sawyer, team Tuner, stated that “with any new products and changes to bikes I am ready for problems when we get on the track.” “But we spent an incredible amount of time on this new setup, and we wanted results not only for ourselves, but also for the Duinigans.”

Sawyer didn’t have to worry as the new system produced the fastest Dunigan run with a 6.68 at 217.5mph. After testing the system, Eddinger was able to pass it to Sawyer who then returned to the shop to finish up the work that was piling up.

PDRA banned turbos from the Pro Extreme class at the end of 2018. Yes, this was after Terry Schweigert entered class on his DME Racing Turbo/Header System tuned Dan Wagner. He ran a 3.91. Ehren Litten’s turbo, which he just built, also ran a 3.99. The turbo competition was not for those nitrous guys.

This was a great opportunity for XDA to capitalize on with the Pro Extreme class, which DME Racing is a presenting sponsors. XDA’s Pro Xtreme, a 1/8 mile heads up class, is based on Pro Mod, which features Turbocharged, Supercharged and/or Nitrous Injected dragbikes using gasoline or methanol.