JT Racing: Partners with D2M

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By MarkPeters

JT Racing is proud to announce its partnership in America with D2M. D2M will be JT Racing’s collaborative sales force, effective immediately and for 2013, in order to continue capitalising on consumer demand for its 2013 racewear products.

Daniel Sandstedt is the CEO of JT Racing. He said, “The addition D2M to the domestic sales force campaign was equally exciting for both of us as we both acknowledge the challenges facing the industry and its dealers.” We have teamed up to compensate for these difficulties by combining our industry knowledge with professionalism to create highly competitive stocking programmes, state-of-the-art ordering systems, and unparalleled service for U.S. dealer.

Darryl Atkins, VP of Sales, says that there has been a significant increase in demand for our products. He believes it is best for the consumer to have a full sales team at the dealer level to meet this demand. We are growing in the US and worldwide and feel that D2M offers us a platform to offer dealers aggressive programs to stock and sell JT Racing products.

For all US dealer inquires please contact D2M at 877 396-4111 or via email at:[email protected], or visit d2m-orders.com. Visit jtracingusa.com to learn more about JT Racing USA. JT Racing USA is registered trademark of JT Sports LLC and used herein under licence.


Part four of our series on gear history will be a look at JT Racing during the nineties.

JT was still a major player in the sport at the beginning of the decade. But, the winds of change were blowing. The once-dominant retailer was quickly losing its mindshare to brands like Fox Racing, AXO Sport and others. JT still had top riders such as Ricky Johnson, Ron Lechien, and Jean-Michel Bayle, but injuries, off track issues, and frankly, some jingoism meant that the brand didn’t have the best talent. The nineties would prove to be a decade filled with frustration and transition for JT. Competition, litigation and a major shift in focus would see JT’s dominance of the eighties slowly decline and then finally abandon the sport.

Blaze: The 1990 departure of Jean-Michel Bayle, from the GPs to join the AMA series was one of the most significant stories in the sport. With a lot hype and huge expectations, the reigning 250 World champion came in with much excitement. Amazingly, the contract with JT Racing would prove to be the most costly ever. This is no small feat considering the talent that was under JT. Bayle was a good investment for JT Racing, even though he won a lot at the track. His signature gear was sold in small numbers and he never connected with American fans. This was likely due to some pro-American bias. However, his aloof nature also played a role. JMB was a less-than stellar product mover in the USA, regardless of the reason.