Here are the Top 5 Most Common Student Loan Frauds and How You Can Avoid Them

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These four major scams are worth avoiding

Sometimes student loans can feel like a fraud. Navient, one the largest student loan companies, made a $1.22 million settlement in January 2022. Following claims that it made predatory loans to students, Navient reached a $1. billion settlement with 38 states as well as the District of Columbia. The company was involved in numerous lawsuits and allegations by several states as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The outstanding $1. Over 66,000 borrowers nationwide owe more than $1. billion in subprime private student loans.

Scammers may seem to be the worst student loan company, but there are other student loan forgiveness scams that may exist. Scammers can make it difficult for loan holders to seek help regarding certain aspects of their sales forecasting methods. This could include reducing their monthly payments or accelerating their repayments, stopping their payments temporarily or getting loans out of default status.

These are some of the most serious and common student loan frauds that you may encounter. We will show you how to spot them and help you avoid having your credit destroyed.

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Scam #1: Filling out forms for a fee

Are you interested in lowering your monthly student loan payments to a level you can afford, based on your income? While you can hire someone to help you with an income-based repayment plan request, you can also complete the application yourself.

The official federal student aid website offers income-based repayment applications for free. Same applies to deferment or forbearance requests.

Paying for the help you need vs. falling prey to scammers

You can choose to hire someone to complete these forms. You do have the option of filling them out for free. However, some companies take advantage of borrowers who aren’t familiar with their options. They have charged them for their assistance without explaining the cost-free alternative.

What would you do if a tax preparation company said that the only way to get your refund is to pay them to file your tax return. You can file your taxes yourself, it’s true. If your income is less than a certain amount, you can file your taxes electronically for free. If your income is below a certain level, you can file your returns electronically for free or by mail.

For those who find the process overwhelming and time-consuming, they might hire a tax accountant or visit a local tax preparation shop to purchase tax software. The service might be worth it in terms of the time and frustration they save and the fact that they may owe less taxes than they offset by professional assistance.

Loan Consolidation and Repayment Options Free of Charge

There are legitimate services that can help borrowers assess their options for student loan repayment and to help them choose the best program. You can make costly errors when repaying student loans.

To avoid being scammed, however, it is important to understand that applying for deferment, forgiveness, or another repayment plan requires you to pay. The federal government and private companies that collect student loan payments do not charge borrowers for different terms.

Federal student loan consolidation is the same. The student loan consolidation application can be completed and submitted online for free. Private student loan consolidation is not possible. However, you might be able combine multiple private student loans into one. You may also be eligible to lower your interest rates with a refinance.

Refinance fees are typically deducted from the loan proceeds automatically. They will not be charged until your sales forecasting methods has been finalized. There is no upfront cost.

Scam #2: Getting loans forgiven, cancelled, discharged, reduced, or eliminated for a fee

It would be a great feeling to have all of your debt forgiven. The reality is that you will almost always have to repay your loan in full and pay interest. Your estate will likely have to pay off your debts (or any taxes owed) before assets can be passed on to your heirs.

It’s easy to conclude that any company that promises to settle student loan debts on your behalf is a fraud due to the way borrowing and tax laws are written. Don’t believe anyone who claims they can help you discharge your student loans through bankruptcy. You can also not have your debt forgiven by them representing you in a case against your student loan company.

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness (Not A Scam)

In limited cases, Public Service Loan Forgiveness may be available for certain federal loans. Since October 2007, when the first borrowers were eligible for forgiveness, this program has been plagued by problems. Borrowers who are eligible for Perkins loan cancellation or teacher sales forecasting methods forgiveness may also be eligible if they have been employed in a volunteer capacity.

Only the following conditions can be met to discharge federal student loans:

  • Permanent and total disability12
  • Death13
  • School closing14
  • False certification15
  • Refunds not paid16

Scam #3: False Forgiveness or Relief Programs

The CARES Act was passed in March 2020 and provided some relief to federal student loan borrowers. The CARES Act, which was passed in March 2020, provided some relief for federal student loan borrowers. It included 0% interest and a pause on any payments or related collection activity. These provisions were extended by the White House in several ways, with the most recent extension going through August 31, 2022. 819

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